I borrowed $200.00 a week before christmas, here it is march 22 and this company is still taking money out of my account every two weeks.This company also charges a variable fee every two weeks to take the principle payment out of the account.

The amounts pulled have been 80, 110, 80, 95, 110, 60, 60, 60, 60, with a final payment of 65 due again in two weeks when I get paid again. My total payment for this company is $780! I borrowed $200. WTF??

where do these people get off? I only bring home an extremely modest amount. These people are complete rip offs!

Do not let this same travesty happen to you!Pissed does not accurately describe the anger and hostility I hold towards these people!

Monetary Loss: $580.


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You can go to your bank and get a stop payment request order.

Seattle, Washington, United States #630757

i have the same problem but i called my bank and cancel the payment they going to help me to fix the problem

to markos001 Portales, New Mexico, United States #659980

I realized with my experience that the people at United Cash Loans are AFRAID of banks. My bank's fraud department scared them off, and read on another site a lady who scared them off with Wells Fargo's fraud department. And I used a small regional bank (Roswell National in Roswell, New Mexico).

Bay City, Michigan, United States #627081

so, why do you continue to let them take money out of your account?

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