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Yesterday I got a phone call from a collection agency supposely working for UCL threating me saying that I owe money from a loan I got in 2003, I NEVER GOT THE LOAN I was rejected for whatever reason. Now I have to go a dig up paperwork from 2003 which I hope I still have.

Can anyone give me some advice on whatelse I should do to stop this?

They are calling me at home and at my job and they their very nasty threating to have me arrested for fraud and other things. I can really use some help.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Cash Loans Loan.

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Samething is happening to me as well, they are calling me 21 times a day on the cell,home and work. Saying I took out a loan and was deposited on an account that was closed over a year and a half ago.

I asked to see the contract and they advised me no it's past that. They also told me that I had to refrain from contacting United Cash Loan.

HELP!! :cry


I would like to know what to do also. I have had this same thing happen.

I never applied for a loan from them, but they say I did. They also said that it was deposited to my bank account, named the bank, and I do not nor have I ever had an account with the bank they say they sent this money to. The only reason I am home today is that I got written up, once again for receiving personal calls at work from these people. Next time, it is my job...I told them this several times and they do not seem to care.

I have tried to get this resolved and even asked them to please send me a copy of where someone signed for this loan so that I can take legal action about this...they hang up on me. How can someone be liable for anything without signing? This sounds so illegal.

Can someone please tell me what to do. How do we stop these people?

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