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After paying back over 600.00 for a 300.00 loan to make an emergency 715 mile trip to New York,I was tired of having to pull teeth just to get info to contact these people.I attempted to have them take the money at one lump sum by borrowing from family when we returned.No suprise they took another payment.The following payday I took all but 30.00 from my account andpaid what bills I could.(the 30.00 was to last me for two weeks) On the next Friday I was contacted at work by a very rude woman who had my blood boiling. She said if I didn't make arrangements to finish paying the 325.00 that I owed she would be forced to take it all at once.I told her I'd call her back on Monday.

Today is Sunday and I went to use the 30.00 I thought I had to put a water pump on the van my wife and I share.Guess what...yep I'm in the hole 30.00 'cause they tried to take money not once not twice but 5 times @12.00 a pop.And people wonder why men lose it and go to prison.I work pay taxes and my child support and I get treated like this? Thank You for listening

Product or Service Mentioned: United Cash Loans Loan.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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does anyone know how to contact these people? what's their phone number?


I have had the same issues I had to close my account to stop the withdraws I have been harrassed ever since. they will not leave me alone they threaten me at home and at work

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