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United cash loans called me about my daughter, saying that I was a reference for her. Told me she took a loan and never paid it back.

She was very naive and applied for the loan online. But never authorized them to take money from her account. She also never received a confirmation of any sort. When she went to check her bank statement she saw they withdrew money and oversees her acct.

She called the bank ASAP and they asked if she authorized it. She said no, and they said they would try to get her money back and they suggested she close the acct. That was 7 months ago. When they called me they said they they are charging her with fraud and she will either get jail time or a $10,000 fine.

Then they said she better get a lawyer. I asked them to send me the info and they said they emailed her(didn't happen). And the only thing I needed was a lawyer. He then hung up.

He was extremely rude, yelling and threatening. People don't need money this badly. These people prey on innocent people.

I will file a complaint with the attorney general also.

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Hi, yes I have been there also with someone claiming to be United Cash Loan but in reality they were not they told me the same thing about the fine the jail time etc. I went on line and called the number I had for them and I was given a number to the FBI for online fraud, these people are making it hard for United Cash and need to be stopped note: United Cash loan doesn't have foreigners working for them at least the ones I have dealt with are Americans

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