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I got a loan for $200 in June. Two weeks later they pulled $60 out of my checking account.

so i thought ok cool they will take payment and never questioned it. Then around $300 was taken out i fiugred extra interest for payment. now im up to $525 taken out of my account 4 payments a month. i get charged 2 times a month 2 payment each.

im getting upset casue i have paid back the loan twice. so i went to look for a number and finally found The customer service number is 1-800-279-8511. The customer service lady told me that they will be making another withdraw on the 10th for $65 and that will be my last payment. my total will $590 for a $200 loan.

the reason she gave me is cause i did not call on the two mark and tell them to make the payment in full. so they take 4 $60 payment then start taking the amount for the loan including interest.

so everyone please be careful and dont use this place they will take $240 and then will start taking your loan out if you don't call them when your first payment is due.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Cash Loans Loan.

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I have had the same issue with United Cash Loans. BE CAREFUL.

I took out a 250.00 loan and was only suppose to pay 75.00 in fees, and now am up to 425.00 in what they call renewal fees, and my balance is still 320.00, I end up paying 500.00 in fees on a 250.00 loan.

I called in to be told it's my fault because I didn't respond in the two days to tell them to debit my account the entire amount of loan. I am flawed by there customer service and how they are not there to help you, but instead rip you off.


Thanks for the comments folks I just got a loan from unitedcashloans and now I'm takeing action from yalls advise..........just got finished closeing my account and opening a new one at another bank........thanks again for the warning folks......


:( Repayment method is rediculous!! whith as much as they have taken out of my account, the loan should have been paid off months ago!!!


some one from anderson law office and crosby law office are calling stating that i committed fruad against my name and trying to collect money from united cash loans which i never did. they keep calling and stating that i owe and need yo pay.They dont speak english and cant even prounce words correct.they keep calling me a they go by the name william taylor ot jason crosby . they call from diffrents number like 202-379-1928 or 213-505-5039 or 323-622-8991.please do not give them any information file a complaint under the the fbi and police report.

Hicksville, New York, United States #278176

ya me too i hate these creeps oh it is in your contract i took 200 and know paying double they suck losers.


I have been getting phone call's from a company called united finanical. The man can barley speak english and says that because I applied for a payday loan there are fee's to be paid I have never applied for a loan from the company they said was cash advance american.

I told them they could send me proff of the the bill but they say they can't do tha.They say they are in Washingto D.C. the number they call from is 914-595-7531 what a scam if you have talked to them e-mail me at


:( I have been ripped off by this place too. They claim I took out a loan in June 09 and are trying to get me to payback over $2000 I for a loan I never took out.

They are threating to take the matter to court at 9am in the morning. When I ask for documentation or proof of the loan they say they will provide it in court and hang up.

When I call back and ask for a manager they again threaten leagal action and hang up. This is the biggest scam!!!!


i never applied for this loan,and $60 have been debit twice.

Park Barn, England, United Kingdom #27084

I never applied for a loan from here and I just had $350 taken from my checking account. I want some answers now

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