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This company's service fees are RIDICULOUS.For a 400 dollar loan I ended up paying 180 dollars.Its not right but I DEFiNITELY won't be using their services again.thieves...These sites should be regulated if you ask me after all the consumers using them are hardworking individuals who have fallen on hard times.In my case my *** job made yet another mistake on my paycheck and I had to wait an extra week for full payment,my rent was due and I needed 400 to supplement what I didn't have so I went on this *** site befor reading consumer reviewS...my mistake.These. Reviews should be compulsory on those sites of so called 'honest' business sites so u can be warned before signing your life away to these slick bastards.Anyways lesson learned.never again will I be a victim

Review about: United Cash Loans Loan.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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didn't you look/read the paper work before you signed? it would have been there--the payment--the intrest-- the pay back amount--yes those kinds of places are loan sharks and prey on someones hard times but every time someone borrows money it keeps them afloat.

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