Fort Payne,Alabama

United Cash Loans is a sorriest company on this earth. You can have them blocked from your account and hire a attorneys to file bankruptcy for you, United Cash Loans will go into your account and make up a false check and take money out of your account.

They did me. They knew that I had a attorney, and they still continued to do it. I wish I never dealt with them, now I am trying to recover my money.

I was willing to work with them to make payments but they did not want to see this. They did not won't work with me, please take my advice and please don't use any online cash services because they are sorry.

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Just put a hold on your account and have your banker change your account number. Thats what I did.

File a police report against them. they are scam artist and will go through any means to get money from you.


They faked a check and drafted my account today and hours later I still got an email requesting my bankruptcy information. My lawyer is livid. I had revoked their ACH transfer, but EFTs by check can't be done that way.

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